About FIVE

So, Why Five?

I began baking in 2008, a few months after my mum died suddenly. She was a keen baker and cake decorator, made wedding cakes for people for as long as I can remember. I started baking as a way to feel close to her and after a while I had the bug. I started my baking business in December 2012.

Fast forward to a few years ago and I became engrossed in researching my family history, I didn’t know much about my mum’s family so delved in. I discovered that her father, Arthur was a baker confectioner and my mind was blown, what are the chances? After months of researching older ancestors I not only discovered that Arthur was a baker but his father was also a baker! I then unearthed that his father, my great great grandfather was a a miller! Turns out I’m the fifth generation of my maternal side to be involved in the baking industry, hence the name Five. My head fell right off.

Two of my sisters are also badass bakers too and another of my sisters works in the confectionery business.

So, of course, it had to be Five.

Over all of these years, I’ve always committed to baking delicious, colourful, creative cakes and I’ve always been passionate about making sure that my workplace is more than just somewhere to go for a cake and a cuppa. It’s a place that’s mine and yours. Yours to feel safe, welcomed, and home in, no matter who you are. Over time, we’ll be hosting mental health evenings, vinyl selling and swap days and lots more. If you want to hold your own event or group here, we have venue hire options, too.

We’re not your usual cake shop and we’re proud of it. We’ll see you in Five for a cake and a chat.


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